Effective management of IFC data

Archicad users are more and more confronted with IFC file transfer. It has to be handled in one way or the other. In the worst case, IFC can be complex, nonspecific, and an unreliable recourse guzzler. By adding the simplebim® software to your IFC toolbox, the IFC workflow is under control. With simplebim, you can create reliable and functional IFC files without knowing the complex structure of IFC.


In simplebim, data has names that the user understands. A wall is a wall, and a construction type is a construction type and not ’IfcWallStandardCase.Pset_WallCommon.Reference’ as expressed in IFC. The user can concentrate on the design itself and the creation of data production of the model. Simblebim takes care that the model fulfills the structural requirements of IFC.

Modeling software is lacking tools for the management of reliability and quality IFC files. There is no preview of IFC files, no validation of their data content and data structures, and no ability to customize the data content and the data structure according to the requirements of the intended use. simplebim offers these missing tools.

With the help of simplebim, you can first preview IFC files that you have received from others, and validate, if the required data is available in general. Additionally, simplebim tells you, if this data has the right data structure and if it is reliable. Exactly as if publishing your own IFC files, you may need to eliminate data and modify the model to fit it to your purpose and read it into Archicad just after that.

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