Leading quality control of information models

Solibri offers the leading quality control solution for information models. Available are tools for the quality control of information models, the check of conformity, the coordination of the design process, the analyzing of the design, and for checking the building regulations.

Solibri’s quality control solutions improve the quality of information model-based designs and make the design and realization stages of the building project more profitable and cost-effective.

Solibri’s product family offers the right tools for the right people and everyone in a project the right tool for the right job.

Solibri Anywhere

Solibri Anywhere is for everyone – for free. This product is for those who need to see what gets built. In any building project, some design and manage, and some who build. That is why the relevant information must find its way efficiently also to those who are on site.

Anywhere is for the doers. The daily work at the construction site is often split between various teams or subcontractors, each focusing on individual tasks assigned to them. For that, you need effortless ways to check only the relevant information for getting each task done without confusion or delay.

Solibri Site

Solibri Site is for those who make it happen. Site managers and others responsible for the on-site operations must be able to ensure that it is possible to build the building at hand. With Solibri, the information flows seamlessly from the office to the site and back, as you can view and comment on the models while on-site, making the communication with the designers and BIM managers smoother than ever.

To top that, you can produce all the information needed on-site directly from the models, without a need for manual data transfer, let alone pen and paper. It’s time to enter the digital era of construction sites!

Solibri Office

Solibri Office is for those at the heart of the project. Solibri’s world-class quality assurance is exactly for you if your strategy is to ensure that you build correctly at the first try, every time. It does not matter if you are a BIM manager, architect, or designer.

To carry out a project successfully, you need top-notch coordination and communication between all the involved parties. Additionally, you need highly advanced model checking, as well as information takeoffs and classifications for various uses and visualization of the data. That all is brought to you in Solibri Officella. It’s the complete solution to meet even the toughest quality assurance and quality control needs.

Solibri Enterprise

Solibri Enterprise is for large companies with large projects. When you have multiple users doing model checking, you need your software to adapt to the changing needs of different roles and different projects. That’s where Solibri Enterprise gives you all you need. It’s the customized solution for maximum scalability and ease of wide-spread use.

To be able to deliver buildings on budget and schedule, you must be able to manage the end-to-end workflow of large construction projects with various large teams, and you need to ensure that everyone is always working with up-to-date quality data. The full-featured package of Solibri offers you not only all the world-class capabilities of quality assurance, issue coordination, and information takeoffs, but also the possibility to automate your checking and to scale the number of users according to your needs.



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