Fast information modeling by laser measurement

The modeling of a building can be done with different tools, from tape measures to point clouds. For the first time in Finland, with the Flexijet laser measuring, you can model directly into building information modeling software and, like this, prepare a complete building information model already on site. One person can quickly move the device and control it remotely. Modeling has never been this easy and quick. At the same time, it avoids mistakes and minimizes work steps.

BIMmTool add-on for Archicad

The Flexijet laser meter works wirelessly and communicates real-time with Archicad via an add-on. When modeling walls, they automatically appear in Archicad based on the standard Wall tool and on the points that have been measured from the wall. The possibilities for using Flexijet are endless, as it is just a rangefinder that is combined to coordinates by a motor and integrated into a professional information modeling software – to Archicad. Currently, the BIMmTool only works in the Windows environment due to the Bluetooth drivers on Mac.


You can relocate the device in a coordinate system with the help of reference points attached to the wall, just as with laser scanning. The computer moves comfortably on wheels next to the Flexijet device, and the wirelessness gives you the freedom to move quickly. The operating time of the device on a single charge is up to eight hours, depending on whether you control the laser meter by a motor or manually.


M.A.D.'s office at Annankatu 25 was modeled with Flexijet in only one working day directly after the deconstruction of the old constructions. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Download the original Archicad file created on-site (14,1 Mt)

Another example

By clicking on the picture, you can download the Archicad model.


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