Wood structures in Archicad

ArchiFrame extends Archicad to a wood structure design tool. ArchiFrame contains tools for the modeling of walls, floors, roofs, frames, and panels. Every element is individual and can be modified separately. All data is in one Archicad file that contains 3D models and 2D elevations with semi-automated layouts and listings. With ArchiFrame, you can even output elements to CNC.

Why ArchiFrame?

  1. Using ArchiFrame, you don’t have to remodel the building from the architect’s plans, potentially saving you time and money.
  2. Having everything in the same model makes collision checking easy.
  3. Every item (element) is individual and can be adapted as necessary, giving you infinite flexibility and building scope.
  4. Archicad's features, as Teamwork, are available.
  5. Only one tool to learn.
  6. Built-in CNC support for Hundegger bvn, btl, and wup for Weinmann.
  7. ArchiFrame is highly customizable via xml-settings files and scripts.
  8. Users of ArchiFrame find it easy to use.


3D framework and 2D-elementtikuvat (elevations)

With ArchiFrame you can easily create three-dimensional frameworks/frame structures (runkorakenne) and 2D elevations (elementtikuva).

Määrälistaukset, CNC and tulosteet

Lopputuloksena syntyvät mittakuvat käsin valmistusta varten, katkaisulistat, planssit as well as a CNC code (Hundegger BVN, Weinmann WUP/BTL and Mobi-One BTL).

Automatic projections, levytys and panelling

ArchiFrame keeps your ... up to date with your 3D model

ArchiFrame pitää elementtikuvan ajan tasalla 3D-mallin kanssa kuten Archicad-leikkaukset.

Ristikot in 3D and projections

Ristikoiden mallinnus hoituu törmäystarkasteluja varten helposti.

Perustuksen mittakuva ja automaattinen mitoitus

Perustuksesta saa mittakuvan, ja mitoitus käy automaattisesti.

Monikerroselementit ja nurkkatyökalu

ArchiFrame tukee esimerkiksi sisäpuolista lisäkoolausta, useita levytyskerroksia ja paneeliverhoilua.

Tools for elements and single individual objects

Every object is entirely modifiable after the automatic creation of frame structures (runkorakenne).

Introduction video


ArchiFrame is compatible with the two latest Archicad versions, also with Archicad STAR(T) Edition, both on Windows and on Macs.


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