Brings information models into the cloud

What if the information model of a building would be available 24/7 for everyone working on the project? That is the reality, thanks to GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud - effortlessly and safely.

Archicad teamwork as a basis

Small companies typically use BIMcloud Basic in their local network to realize teamwork. BIMcloud Basic contains only a limited amount of projects and users. The IT infrastructure is light, and if needed, it is also possible to get remote access. There is only a small amount of users, and flexibility has priority. There is no need for server-level computers.

If the project, however, grows over the capacity of the computer, scaling becomes a problem. Then you need to either divide the model into several servers or update the capacity of the computer. Those are risks concerning the fluency of the project. The use of several servers leads to a fragmentation of the management of users and projects. That again raises the costs of IT.

BIMcloud Basic is for free. You only need to install it and register with your GSID.

The BIMcloud full version removes restrictions

The BIMcloud full version solves the problems by making it possible to separate the management component from the server. It supports several server and software versions (Archicad 19 and newer) at the same time.

BIMcloud users and servers are maintained in the browser-based BIMcloud Manager. BIMcloud supports the Active Directory ergo, the user management of even large companies. Through that, the e-mail addresses and login identifiers are synchronized - also to BIMcloud.

IT management is revolutionized

Because the BIMcloud servers used for the maintenance of the models are separated from the administration, they are freely definable. It is, for example, possible to move a project from one server to another, and the users do not even notice it. The company itself can buy the server, or a third party can provide it.

BIMcloud Basic is only one step away from the update to BIMcloud – you only need a license and the change of the settings in the Manager!

The data traffic of the Archicad teamwork uses standard http and https connections. That makes it easier to use the connection regardless of where you are, among others, by eliminating the problems caused by firewalls and virus protection software that appeared before.

Different from BIMcloud Basic, in the full version of BIMcloud, it is possible to access the project also via a mobile device using the BIMx app. Like this, an employee or client can comment on the model using instant messages. User-friendly BIMx is the easiest way to enter the world of "Thin Client" information modeling – for everybody.

Read more about BIMx.

When to move to the full BIMcloud?

If your office uses several Archicad versions, you work on long-term projects, take part in joint projects or operates in several areas, you should get to know the efficiency of the BIMcloud full version. The investment is paying off already by saving a few hours of maintenance.

BIMcloud is a separate product, that is based on an annual subscription and priced according to the number of users.

BIMcloud as a Service

BIMcloud as a Service offers all features of the full BIMcloud version at a periodical charge.

BIMcloud in two minutes

Update your old BIM Server to BIMcloud Basic

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