Architectural design has changed from drawing to information modeling and from designing buildings to simulating them. Instead of traditional design, the customer may want a model that contains all the information needed.

Archicad has been developed and designed for construction planning, and it is based on the idea of simulating the whole building. With Archicad, the designer creates a three-dimensional information model that is available for everyone who is part of the project.

Archicad is a tool meant for designers and therefore developed from a designer's point of view. Thanks to its numerous extensions, it is an excellent tool for any other field of construction planning.

Life cycle approach and building information models

With Archicad, you can manage the whole life cycle of a building - all the way through from project planning to property management.

The building is formed virtually within a system based on functional elements. At the same time as the model of the building takes shape on the screen, all construction plans are generated automatically.

In Archicad, the model of the building is written in one file that includes all construction plans. Changes made to the model are automatically updated to all plans. This reduces mistakes that may otherwise occur when using other working practices.

The building developer gets precise quantity takeoffs, automatic door and window schedules, and even the specifications needed. The virtual model can be transferred to property management with the separate ArchiFM software. Using ArchiFM, it is easy to control the furnishings, surface areas, tenants, and maintenance cycles of apartments.


To be convincing is one of the most important characteristics of an architect. It is needed to be able to sell a project to the customer. Nowadays, it is done virtually, and because of that, the interaction gets easier, and the response becomes faster.

At its most straightforward perspectives are made from different options and then printed on paper. It is possible to choose the most pleasing manner of presentation, such as a line illustration, a photographic render, or even a draft-like way.

Archicad offers architects also effective ways of the transmission of messages. For example, with the help of an animation, a room takes shape more holistically. The animation tools of Archicad are very easy to use.

The ideal way to investigate the virtual world is by moving in a 3D-model build in Archicad.


There is a group of useful add-ons available for Archicad. Bimx makes it possible to investigate, present, and share 3D-models. ArchiLogs is a helpful tool for designers, marketers, and manufacturers of log houses, and ArchiFrame extends Archicad to a complete designing tool for timber structures. With EcoDesigner you can easily and effectively count the energy need and the carbon footprint of a project.

Read more on the add-ons page.

Working drawing

Archicad is particularly strong in fast and versatile drawing. Drawing is made fast by automation. When drawing a floor plan, elevations and facades are created as well - and vice versa. Window schedules and amount lists are also created automatically.

Archicad is very versatile thanks to its wide range of tools, drawing modes and ingenious drawing tools. Archicad also includes several extensions, such as automatic dimensioning, that enhance your work.


The most crucial feature of Archicad is its ease of use - despite its scope and its diversity. It is possible to learn its use on your own, even though we recommend to attend Archicad training to learn the best workflow and the most effective methods. You can use Archicad for your everyday work already after a basic course.

Archicad's ease of use means also better design quality. The designer can experiment with different options because effort and rush are no mental barriers for a small modification.

The world of Archicad is visual, coherent, and refreshing. Its users are satisfied, because, thanks to the use of Archicad, they have certainly one thing less to worry about.

Archicad is Finland's most popular information modeling software because it is developed from the designer's point of view. Archicad is an efficient, versatile, and easy to use 3D design software.

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