Welcome to the technical support webpage. Here you can find help to technical problems with Archicad or other M.A.D. products.

Instructions for the use of our technical support

  1. Search for the solution from the Archicad manual. If you do not have any, you can find it in the Help menu of Archicad or from the GRAPHISOFT helpcenter.

  2. Look through adequate technical support pages.

  3. If, after these steps, your problem is still unsolved, contact our technical support. Before you contact us, please do the preparations listed below:

    1. Find out what version of Archicad you are using and if a repair update has been installed (About Archicad in help menu). Repair updates are available at the GRAPHISOFT website.
    2. List the properties of your computer, like operating system, memory, and graphics card.
    3. Open the Archicad file on your computer in advance.

Explore our new support portal

If you do not find an answer to your question on our pages, you can send us a support request through the support portal. At the moment, the support portal is only available in Finnish.

Support portal

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