What is GDL?

The product model-based design is already standard. That is why there is a need for real products already in the design phase.

With the GDL technology, a product, like a piece of furniture or a building element, is modeled as a smart object. The intelligence manifests itself, among other things, in unlimited variability, automatic scaling, in the visualization of the real product, and the product information requested by the manufacturer.

  • GDL objects are smart: they adapt to their environment and contain versatile 3D, product, and amount calculation data.
  • GDL objects are parametric: one GDL object can contain an entire product series with all its variations. The designer can quickly try how different materials and other features of the object fit the design.
  • GDL objects are compatible: GDL objects are utilizable in several design software, and they can be shared on the web without barriers.
  • GDL objects are compact: an object library is small in size. That makes it easy to manage even large entities.

Object technology offers new opportunities

GDL (Geometric Description Language) is a text-based programming language that uses only a little amount of memory and makes it possible to create smart objects to the Archicad building information modeling software. A GDL object created with the GDL language is compatible; you can save it to numerous file formats and export it to other CAD software. That makes the creation of object libraries cost-efficient and straightforward.

Our project team offers the modeling of object libraries. An object library is an assembly of one or more products for which a user interface has been developed. An object can contain product information, parameters, and intelligence specified by the product manufacturer. The intelligence is manifested, among other things, by the quantifiable properties of an object that remain throughout the whole lifecycle of the object.

Outstanding pioneer

Graphisoft's object technology consists of several parts and features that support each other. Altogether the elements and features form a supreme technology.

The advantage of a GDL programmed object, a chair, for example, is its tiny size of about 32 KB, and its large formability: the object is adjustable through dozens of different parameters. One small object that moves easily through the web often equates thousands of block-type, many times larger and still more basic objects.

Sharing object libraries

Product manufacturers can share their object libraries with customers and designers, for example, via their home page.

Advantages of GDL shortly

  • GDL is a useful marketing tool.
  • Customers get a realistic picture of the final product.
  • The communication between parties becomes better.
  • Order management becomes remarkably easier.
  • The use of GDL objects is easy and effective.
  • GDL objects contain versatile product information.
  • The sharing of GDL objects is free.
  • You save money and time.
  • The amount of mistakes decreases.

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