A functional template as the base of efficient work

The work with Archicad can be highly automated. With a template that is designed to meet the company's needs and a supportive way of working, your work becomes significantly more efficient and straightforward. We can help you to create an effective and functional template!

Avoid unnecessary work

A functional template makes it possible to automate numerous time-consuming tasks. In modeling, it is essential to create an intact model and data. Wall elevations, elevations, and facades, as well as floorplans of surface materials and ceiling pictures, are automatically generated from the template. This creates all 2D images at once, as well as a visualization model that can also be used as a BIMx virtual model.

Information as a benefit

An information model can be classified using the Talo 2000 classification. The classification makes it possible to create standardized data content for all elements of an information model. The explanatory data content is not written in the drawings, but the data is taken from the features automatically to labels. Data needs to be fed only once. Automatic transcription and tabulation are made from that. After that, the model updates without mistakes. You can also check and update the data content of the model also throughout schedules.

Favorites are created for every element of the model. The favorites contain features concerning visual printouts and data content. New favorites are created copying existing ones, cause then the settings transmit to the objects and elements.

What does the template contain?

  • The template and all Archicad settings are optimized for the use in Finland. The basic template of Archicad is international.

  • The template also contains the presets of all tools and parts of the software. Also, the necessary favorites of the tools are created, and you can always get back to their settings.

  • The template includes automatic views for all stages of the work process. For example, sketches, floor and ceiling schedules, window and door schedules, furniture schedules, and work drawings are created automatically.

  • For the data structure of the project, there are preset comprehensive lists of schedules in the template. With the help of the template, the design documentation can be updated completely dynamically.

  • For the necessary work processes, there are specific tool menus that can be used to follow and speed up the processes radically.

  • Automated layouts and dynamic labels.


1-day training for users

During the training, the designers of the company learn to use the template by following instructions of the efficient stages of the work process.

1-day training for the BIM manager

During the training, BIM managers learn the principles of editing a template according to the company’s needs.

Consultancy and company-specific edit of the template

Our specialists optimize the company’s template and consults in the use of the template.

The maintenance contract contains a yearly update to the new ARCHICAD version and a new manual.

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