What is M.A.D.?

Micro Aided Design Oy - better known as M.A.D. - is Finland's leading expert in Building Information Modeling (BIM). We have been active in information modeling since 1988. M.A.D. is an expert in many different development projects and a member of the sector's research projects. We educate, consult, and assist countless companies in the construction sector. If you have any development ideas or training needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customers first

The identification of our customer's needs and their service are our most important tasks. Our customers can trust in us that they always get professional service - no matter what it is about.

We regularly collect customer feedback through research and polls. Feedback and development ideas are always welcome. You can give feedback via e-mail to mad@mad.fi, or you can call us at 020 741 9700. Thank you already in advance!

Archicad – the leading information modeling software

Archicad is Finland's number 1 Building Information Modeling program, developed especially from the perspective of the designer. It is used by as many as 75 % of Finnish architect bureaus, what makes it Finland's most popular.

Archicad's popularity is based on its effectivity, its diversity, and its intuitiveness. M.A.D. offers a software that is translated and tailored to the Finnish market, in-depth support material, technical support as well as an active user club to Archicad users.

Nowadays, more than a thousand customer companies are using Archicad in their building information modeling. Along with architecture bureaus, Finland's all largest building companies, a lot of engineering offices, and other companies of the building industry are among our customers. Our program is used during a building's whole life cycle, always from its design to its maintenance.

Contact us

mad@mad.fi, 020 741 9700

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