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Ajan Arkkitehdit Oy

I’ve been using Archicad for 12 years. From the beginning, I’ve been trying to model everything and to avoid drawing lines. Archicad has made this possible.

For me, as an entrepreneur, it’s essential to keep my employees’ CAD knowledge and skills updated. M.A.D. trains both current and new staff on demand: last time we refined our teamwork and BIM skills. Cooperation with M.A.D. has been excellent, and I encourage everyone to give feedback. We designers are the ones who benefit from the development.

Taina Anttila, Architect SAFA, Ajan Arkkitehdit Oy

Arkkitehtipalvelu Oy

Jyväskylä-based Arkkitehtipalvelu Oy is growing fast. Last year we hired 15 new employees and opened a new office in Helsinki. We plan 2.500 high-rise apartments, which is nearly 10 % of the whole country’s production.

We use Archicad intensely, and along with planning projects, it helps us improve our procedures and services. We utilize BIM in all our projects. Archicad is an essential tool for service quality and smooth workflow.

Jaska Lauttala, Partner & Tero Wéman, partner, architect SAFA, Arkkitehtipalvelu Oy

Arkkitehdit Hanhirova Oy

Arkkitehdit Hanhirova Architects has specialized in business premises and apartment building projects – from private homes to shopping centers. We have used Archicad since 1997, and every project is BIM-based.

Thanks to Archicad and it's Finnish representative M.A.D., we have managed to optimize our working, which has allowed focussing on quality. We see the importance of smooth workflow and reliable tools – so that creativity and precision won’t suffer from unstable software. M.A.D. supplies us with high-class training and support – partly via ArchiMAD club.

Olli Hanhirova, Architect, Arkkitehdit Hanhirova Oy

B & M Architects Ltd

B & M Architects is an international and versatile architectural bureau with 30 employees. Typically we plan public buildings, apartment houses, and land use.

B & M started with Archicad in 1992 – with version 4.1. I fell in love with Archicad in college in 1995 and started using it in working life in 1998. Meanwhile, I got to know M.A.D., too.

The best features of Archicad are its ease of use and its diversity.

Miina Kontuniemi, Architect, B & M Architects Ltd

City of Kotka

City of Kotka Facility Services have their own architectural unit. Searching and comparing BIM software began three years ago. We explored several options and listened to experienced users. The attractivity of Archicad was emphasized by its Finnish user interface and M.A.D.’s support. We felt it crucial during the shift from 2D to BIM. Besides, there was plenty of training available.

For starters, M.A.D. arranged a tailored training for us in Kotka. Working with Archicad is invigorating, but also challenging. The software is extensive, and during training, you realize how much there is still to learn. M.A.D., as well as ArchiMAD club training and webinars, have successfully fed our hunger for knowledge.

Leila Hietala, Anne Hupanen and Anita Rantanen, City of Kotka, Facility Services, Architectural unit

Peikonlehti Sisustussuunnittelu

Because I had only seen a fraction of Archicad's possibilities, I decided to attend M.A.D.’s Basic Training. The course opened new aspects and gave me some good recap and more confidence. The most important in learning software is to get support and readiness to advance at your own pace. I would recommend ArchiMAD club for everyone because you get to rehearse and deepen your skills with other users.

Saila Syrjälä, Interior Designer, Peikonlehti Sisustussuunnittelu

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