On these sites, we have collected all Archicad downloads, such as installation packages, templates, and the Peruskirjasto basic library.

Installation and system requirements

You can find the system requirements and the Archicad installation files on the Installation page.

Lisence updates

When you update your Archicad license, you need to update your Archicad protection key as well. Use the GRAPHISOFT Licence Manager Tool (LMT) to update your protection key. Starting from the Archicad 21 version, the LMT is installed together with the software. Updates are either part of the company's maintenance contract or bought separately.

You can download the License Manager Tool from the GRAPHISOFT website.. Download and install the software on your computer, attach the protection key, and start the LMT. The update begins by choosing Update. You can use the LMT also to manage software-based licenses.

From the Wibu protection key used by older versions, the license can be either transferred to the newer CodeMeter protection using the LMT or changed to software-based protection during the update. The change can be ordered free of charge from our sales team.

Updating Archicad

GRAPHISOFT offers updates, error corrections, and technical support for the two latest versions of Archicad. The more detailed guarantee terms for the software are included in the license agreement that comes together with the software. You can find the terms in the Help menu of the software. The download link is sent via the personal e-mail of the company's license manager and the licensee. You should save this link and any downloads made through it. Starting with Archicad version 21, the software is delivered only electronically.

We recommend that you install the software immediately upon receiving the link. The installation is most compatible with the operating systems and devices at the time of publication.

Verifying the license holder or responsible person

We maintain a customer database that contains all users of the software. We recommend that you register the e-mail address of the responsible person of your company also as a free GSID customer ID. Upon delivery of the installation link, the license owner/buyer will be provided with a mail authentication key that associates the GSID with the company's licenses. An authentication key is a 32-character identifier used to verify license ownership. Read more about the GSID.

You can always check or update your company's license manager information by contacting M.A.D. on 020 741 9700 or Please have information about your company, licenses, and the previous contact person ready when you contact us.

Edu versions

You can download student and school licenses from From the same web site, you also get the license number, the annual renewal of the license, and study materials. Read more about the student versions.

Older versions

The compatibility of the installation packages of older versions with new devices, operating systems, and their add-ons can not be guaranteed. Have a look at the compatibility chart.

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Licence updates

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