Artlantis for students, teachers, and schools

The Artlantis student version is free of charge and compatible with the school license. It is not allowed to use the student or the school versions for lucrative work. If, for example, material produced during an internship should be used for the company's marketing, the student has to use a commercial license.

How to order a student, teacher and school license

1.\ Create an account at 2.\ Fill in the valid ID number of your student card. 3.\ Your request is sent for verification. 4.\ When your request is verified:

  • you can log in to the student page of the Abvent online shop
  • you can use coupons to order free products
  • you can download selected products
  • a serial number is sent to you 5.\ If your request is not accepted you will get a notification via e-mail.

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