Student and teacher licenses

Archicad's student and teacher versions are available for free through Instructions can be found on the Help page.

NB! The instructions for the Archicad student version are also valid for the school and teacher versions!

Any Archicad file opened with an EDU license gets a permanent watermark on every printout. Projects created in the EDU version opens in the FULL commercial version of Archicad, but these projects will carry the watermark. Also, similar operations, such as Cut, Copy and Paste as well as the use of References between the student and the commercial version, are disabled.

With the help of these restrictions, the use of the software in violation of the license agreement is prevented. It is not allowed to use the student version for commercial purposes.

The number of installations of the Archicad student version is unlimited, so it can be used on several computers at the same time.

NB! The full version that works on the Archicad USB dongle works only on the computer the dongle is attached to.

The serial number of the teacher version is valid for one year. As a teacher you can manage your license separately from the school's IT management. For example, you can update to the newest version immediately after its release and get add-ons the same way as students.

Register and download for free!

Classroom license

The serial number of the Archicad classroom version is valid for two years. Thus, the maintenance of school versions is more flexible. The compatibility and the application process match with the student version. The school licenses are requested at, and M.A.D. confirms all applications.

At, you can also find additional materials, such as the BIM Curriculum. It is worth exploring!


Discount for recently graduated

A newly graduated designer can purchase a full commercial Archicad license for a lower price. To get the discount, the student needs to have registered at myarchicad.comiin and downloaded the student version already during studies. The discount is available for three years after graduation, and a certificate copy needs to be sent to M.A.D.

The price can be found in our web shop.

To get the discount after graduation, register now at!

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