About ArchiMAD

Learn for life

ArchiMAD is a community for Archicad users. The club offers knowledge, skills and support for its members. Our goal is to learn continuously and share knowledge openly. ArchiMAD aims at maintaining collective know-how by a reasonable member fee.

Collective experience

ArchiMAD was founded over thirty years ago. Along the way, the Finnish Archicad users have noticed the benefits of ArchiMAD and affiliated with it. The Club has over four hundred member companies, including architectural bureaus, construction firms and other operators of the industry. Join us!

Special groups


Students can enjoy the benefits of ArchiMAD for just about 100 euro per year. The student membership contains all benefits of the club. Choose "Opiskelija-jäsenyys, opiskelija" in our online shop.


Schools get the benefits of ArchiMAD completely free of charge. The school membership contains all benefits of the club. Just tell us the contact details and a contact person of your school.

Contact us!


Mari Suominen
040 831 6283
Jani Vesterinen
0400 833 311

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